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Anilines Benzonitriles&nitro
Halide Benzenes
Phenol Ethers Alcohol
Aldehyde Ketone Acids
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Address: West Jinma village, Yangzhai
Town, Zichuan District, Zibo, Shandong
Tel: +86-533-5493 288
Fax: +86-533-5493 288
Shanghai Office:
Address: No.18 East Street, Qingcun
Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai
Phone: +86-156 0162 0667
Fax: +86-21-5756 8845
Email: sdwhali@163.com
Email: sdwhali@yahoo.com.cn

About R&D

Shandong Huali Bio-Tech always attaches great importance to R& D . R&D center was built at the beginning of company founded, now the research center has developed into scales with years of development.

Up to date, Our R&D center has:


  • Dedicated R&D engineers with academic background of Ph. D or Master degree working in our R&D center.
  • 2 Kilo-labs, volumes from 10L to 50L.
  • A multi-purpose pilot plant which can processing pilot scale up of many projects.
  • Equipped with various world advanced analytical equipments (HPLC, GC).
  • High speed and convenient Internet database.

Our Strength

      Depending on strong R&D capability, we attach great importance to the feasibility of R&D process. Over 20 projects at pilot or commercial stages have been successfully completed in recent years.
      From the perspective of service, our company provide custom synthesis service from the range of grams, kilogram to metric tons, moreover we could implement pilot scale-uptechnique transfer and commercial production efficiently in a cost-effective manner.
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