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Custom manufacturing

1. Synthetic Technology:

★Fluorination Reaction                   ★Grignard Reaction                     ★Esterification Reaction
★Nitration Reaction                         ★Oxidation Reaction                     ★Acylation Reaction
★Condensation Reaction              ★Ammonolysis Reaction             ★Reduction Reaction
★Coupling Reaction                        ★Etherification Reaction              ★Hydrogenation Reaction
★Lithiation Reaction                        ★Diazo Reaction

2. Coorperative Field:

Literature Retrieval: According to the information of products or reactions supplied by customers, we offer the proper synthetic routines and advises for customers as soon as possible. 
Small Pilot Research: We develop the target compounds and determine the analytical methods for products in the lab and supply qualified samples to customers.
Pilot Research: According to the feasibility of large-scale production, We process pilot scale up of the projects in the multi-purpose pilot plant.
Commercial Quantities: We have a large-scale site which can process many kinds of the reactions in Zibo, Shandong Province and meet the production needs from 50 kgs to 5 tons.
We have experience on providing custom manufacturing services to chemical industries from lab scale to commercial quantities. Our target is becoming our customers reliable outsourcing partner.


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